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Firing (HTML 5) Course

You need to understand the policies and laws that you must adhere to when letting someone go. A fired employee may be angry—angry enough to claim the firing was for an unlawful reason such as discr... (Read more)

Discrimination (HTML 5) Course

Training employees to prevent workplace discrimination is essential for both the organization and employees. Discrimination at workplace affects an employee's productivity and diverts resources fro... (Read more)

Discipline (HTML 5) Course

Before imposing discipline to an employee—stop, settle down, talk to Human Resources, and have a plan of action. Employee discipline is an area laden with legal danger and requires the utmost care.... (Read more)

Hiring (HTML 5) Course

It's hard to think of any supervisory function more important than hiring. Just one ill-advised question or comment during an interview can bring untold harm to your company. Supervisors must be we... (Read more)

Wage and Hour (HTML 5)

The Fair Labor Standards Act makes specific demands on how employees are classified and paid. Fail to pay a nonexempt employee overtime and you'll face serious consequences. Classifying an employee... (Read more)

Effective Communication For Supervisors (HTML 5) Course

In your position as a leader in the organization, you need to be able to communicate effectively with employees, colleagues, and upper management. Effective Communication is a critical skill for bo... (Read more)