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Preventing Sexual Harassment: A Guide for Delaware Supervisors Course

Not only is sexual harassment illegal, but it also has many detrimental effects on the workplace and workforce. Our workplace also has a formal policy that prohibits sexual harassment in the workpl... (Read more)

Preventing Sexual Harassment: A Guide for Delaware Employees Course

Sexual harassment is a form of illegal discrimination under federal and state civil rights laws. Not only can it lead to lawsuits and penalties, it can damage workplace morale, creating an unproduc... (Read more)

Preventing Sexual Harassment in California - Training for Supervisors (AB1825) Course

California law mandates that supervisors receive two hours of training every two years on how to recognize and prevent sexual harassment, discrimination, and retaliation. This course meets the requ... (Read more)


This training session on permit-required confined spaces is designed for construction workers designated as attendants for these spaces. You know that construction sites change constantly as the wo... (Read more)

Sexual Harassment (HTML 5) Course

Every year, millions of dollars are spent defending sexual harassment lawsuits and paying damages and settlements. You should understand the kinds of conduct that can be considered harassment, the ... (Read more)

Wage and Hour (HTML 5) Course

The Fair Labor Standards Act makes specific demands on how employees are classified and paid. Fail to pay a nonexempt employee overtime and you'll face serious consequences. Classifying an employee... (Read more)