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This training session on permit-required confined spaces is designed for construction workers designated as attendants for these spaces. You know that construction sites change constantly as the work progresses. That means confined spaces change, too. In fact, confined spaces can be created during the course of a project, even if none existed at the project’s start. This session will help you identify the hazards of confined space entry, including the signs, symptoms, behavioral effects, and consequences of hazard exposure. Duration: 34 Minutes. ...


Sexual Harassment (HTML 5) Course - $30.00

Every year, millions of dollars are spent defending sexual harassment lawsuits and paying damages and settlements. You should understand the kinds of conduct that can be considered harassment, the defenses available to the employer, how to prevent and punish harassing conduct, and how to document investigations and discipline. Duration: 26 minutes ...


Wage and Hour (HTML 5) Course - $30.00

The Fair Labor Standards Act makes specific demands on how employees are classified and paid. Fail to pay a nonexempt employee overtime and you'll face serious consequences. Classifying an employee as exempt when their duties say nonexempt also is likely to bring on a lawsuit. That's why supervisors need a clear understanding of what the law requires. Duration: 33 minutes ...


Violence (HTML 5) Course - $30.00

The federal Occupational Safety and Health Act's (OSH Act) general duty clause requires an employer to create a place of employment "free from recognized hazards," including workplace violence. Employers are required to take steps to minimize known risks of violence, and a failure to address hazards could result in the finding of a violation of the OSH Act. Duration: 27 minutes ...


Privacy (HTML 5) Course - $30.00

Supervisors need to know how to stay on solid legal ground when dealing with private information of their employees. Privacy is an area that does not have one clear-cut set of standards from one major federal law. But various federal, state, and local laws do govern how employers should treat employee information.   Duration of this online training program: 25 minutes ...


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